Midstream Medical Centre

Midstream Medical Centre

Meet our team

Experienced and professional

Midstream Medical Centre is relentless in the pursuit of excellent patient care. 

We strive to be your physiotherapists of choice every time, regardless of your condition. We are an out-patient based practice delivering a general physiotherapy service to the community.

We firmly believe in using up to date, evidence-based techniques to give you the best chance of healing. We always use a patient centred and holistic approach when treating our patients.

We flex our muscles to improve your well-being!

Our staff

Hannelie Smit

Receptionist & Accounts Administrator

Hannelie Smit is vastly experienced in the medical industry having worked with specialists, radiologists, dentists as well as medical schemes. Hannelie also recently had a stint with an accounting firm.

This combination makes Hannelie ideal for the position of receptionist and accounts administrator at the busy Midstream Medical Centre. Hannelie is a calm and caring personality who cares for all patients’ needs.

She approaches all cases with attention to detail. Hannelie is the go-to person for all patients at the Midstream Medical Centre.

Dr. Corlia Brandt


Corlia obtained a BSc Physiotherapy (1999), MSc Physiotherapy (2003), and PhD with specialization in Physiotherapy (2016) cum laude at the University of the Free State. She completed her OMTC in 2001 and started working in private practice for three years, where after she became a lecturer at the University of the Free State. Her main areas of interest are NMS, Sport, Women`s Health, and research which lead to the discovery of the interaction between these concepts. She has also been involved with the OMTC for more than ten years, as treasurer and course leader in the Free State.

Currently she is part of the Women`s Health Course Committee. Together with her mentor, Prof HS Cronje, and later Dr EW Henn, they established a Pelvic Floor Unit in Bloemfontein which involved collaboration between academia and private practitioners, to treat patients with pelvic floor dysfunction and to generate research opportunities.

She has published several papers specifically on NMS-, Sport-, and Women`s Health-related topics in international journals such as Manual Therapy and British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She also had the privilege to present at several international congresses, the most recent being the WCPT 2017 and Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology World Congress 2017, where one of her presentations was also nominated for an award.

Dr. Corlia has recently relocated to Johannesburg where she is a senior lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand – continuing her passion for integrating research, clinical practice, and teaching.

Toné Marais


Toné Marais is a soft hearted and dedicated physio who heads up the frail care section at Care in Midstream. Toné graduated in 2013 from the University of Pretoria.

She gained a great deal of experience working in a rehab setting in South Africa as well as London. She also worked in an acute hospital setting in Midstream and Unitas hospital.

Toné has completed various courses on rehabilitation, strapping, neuro and ethics. Most recently Toné has decided to pursue her passion for working with the elderly and frail.

She is a saviour and helpline to many patients at the frail care. She goes way beyond and treats each patient with extreme ethical care.

Tania Coetzee


Tania is an experienced physiotherapist who graduated BSc Physiotherapy at the end of 1996 from UOFS.  She has worked in Private Practice for the past 26 years and completed various post graduate courses during this period.

The one that she is most passionate about is the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Course which taught her a lot about neuro-musculoskeletal pain and the treatment options available.

Tania also loves babies and sees many paediatric respiratory patients. She is always excited to be a part of how physiotherapy is evolving and growing every year with the main focus on patient centred management.

PhysioFlex feels honored to have had her as part of our team since July 2019 and privileged to benefit from her great expertise.

Henriette Rossouw


Henriette is a self-motivated and driven physiotherapist. Her work ethic is of the highest standard. She is very professional, and she works with precision.

She stays up to date with research to ensure that her treatments are evidence based and effective.

She obtained her physiotherapy degree at the University of Pretoria in 1995 and has been working in private practice in Midstream for close to 13 years.

She has completed the OMT1 course, and she is passionate about manual therapy for pain management and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Henriette also serves as a lecturer on the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT1) course which is run across South Africa.

Chantal Berry

Director & Physiotherapist

Chantal is a director and physiotherapist at Physioflex. She has discovered a niche and passion for vestibular rehabilitation.

She works closely with ENT’s and audiologists to assist patients struggling with balance and vestibular problems to guide them back to optimal function.

She has completed her international vestibular rehabilitation certificate from the American institute of balance.

Neil Cilliers

Director & Physiotherapist

Neil is a director and physiotherapist at Physioflex and has a wide variety of interests in the physiotherapy world.

Neil has completed a post-graduate course in sport specific physiotherapy (SPT1) among many other sport courses.

He often treats respiratory paediatric and all orthopaedic conditions. He also enjoys doing hospital-based work such as physical and cardiorespiratory rehabilitation.

Neil has worked closely with many athletes and teams and has spent time working on the Sunshine tour and DP world tour helping professional golfers.