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Our priority is the health of our patients.

In our strive for a holistic and patient-based practice we are ever growing and expanding to make sure that we can deliver excellence in our service to our patients for any and all possible needs. We believe in a multidisciplinary team approach, where open communication with all members is essential for optimal patient treatment and progress.

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What we offer

We excel in physiotherapeutic care

Physioflex has a wide variety of special interests:

Our treatments

How we treat these conditions

Our manual treatment modalities include soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, fascial manipulation, dry needling, orthopaedic manual therapy and neural mobilization.

We utilise state of the art equipment for electro-, shockwave- and light therapy, deep oscillation, lymph drainage and virtual reality.

As well as rehab for all post-surgical, neurological, vestibular, concussion, respiratory, sports, men’s and women’s health conditions.

Soft tissue mobilization

A manual technique to breakdown adhesions formed in soft tissue and thereby improve range of motion, decrease pain and restore function.

Myofascial release

A sustained pressure technique used to release tightness and shortness in the myofascial tissue for the promotion of range of motion and function.

Fascial manipulation

Fascial manipulation is the identification and mobilization of fascia that causes pain and dysfunction and assists in the restoration of normal movement.

Dry needling

The insertion of fine needles to release a trigger point in the muscle. This improves pain and movement impairments.

Orthopaedic manual therapy

Manual joint mobilization and manipulation techniques to decrease pain, improve movement and function.

Neural mobilization

The use of neurodynamics to mobilize the nerves independently from other tissues. This provides pain relief, mobility and improves function.


Ultrasound and interferential therapy devices used for the treatment of swelling, inflammation and pain.

Heat & cold therapy

Cold treatment decreases inflammation and hot treatment increases blood flow and muscle relaxation. Both ultimately reduce pain when used correctly.

Shockwave therapy

A non-invasive treatment to injured tissue to reduce pain and promote healing.

Vestibular rehabilitation

We utilise exercise and virtual reality to promote compensation for vestibular issues and improve balance, reduce fall risks and help our patients to return to daily function, driving and work.

Concussion rehabilitation

This aims to improve recovery after any concussive injury and utilises vestibular rehabilitation, cervical treatment and conditioning back to normal function including sport.

Light therapy & deep oscillator

Light therapy stimulates soft tissue repair and regeneration by increasing blood flow and cell metabolism. Deep oscillator reduces pain and swelling, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic.


Includes pulmonary patient care, paediatrics, ENT, Maxillo-Facial, Vascular, Neuro, abdominal, cardio-thoracic, obstetrics, gynaecology, urology and orthopaedic surgery.

Rehab for neurological conditions

Treatment improves balance and coordination, mobility, stability and function to improve independence and prevent associated complications.

Rehab & respiratory therapy for chronic lung conditions

Aims to increase ventilation through a variety of different techniques, breathing exercises and education.

Respiratory therapy for adults & children

This includes inhalations, percussions, vibrations and breathing exercise aimed at mobilising secretions, as well as suctioning for patients that are not able to clear secretions.

Rehab for all sports injuries

The identification and treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries to ensure quick return to sports and prevention of re-injury.

Rehab for men’s & women’s health conditions

Assessment and treatment of pelvic floor muscles with biofeedback equipment, exercises and education for incontinence and problems post urological and abdominal surgery.

MAP classes

MAP classes now available!

*MAP classes are only available at our Menlyn Maine location.

What is MAP movement?

MAP movement (Myofacial Activated Posture) is a rehabilitation tool to help you move more freely. 

MAP assists in addressing the misconceptions around movement and retraining of posture.

The known model of movement and training is based on the muscle isolation theory whereby muscle and movement become static and rigid.

With the required knowledge we have come to the realization that movement happens in fascial planes and therefore we need to re-educate movement patterns and redefine the core.

We focus on creating movement in the different fascial lines, breathing techniques to create movement and how it all interconnects. 

MAP movement fills the gap between movement as we know it and movement as we prefer it to be. 

Join us and let’s move out of defence into power and enable ourselves to move the way nature intended.


Check out our state-of-the-art rehab facility at Menlyn Maine

Why choose us

Trust us and we will do the rest

Physioflex was started in 2016 and has since grown from strength to strength.

We are a general physiotherapy practice treating all conditions for in hospital as well as out of hospital patients.

Our team of compassionate, dynamic & competent physiotherapists combined, have 75+ years of experience and always strive to maintain a professional work environment.

Both teams in Menlyn and Midstream have a wide variety of special interests to cater for all your needs. We always aim to use the latest evidence and technology to treat our patients.


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